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Women’s Weight Lifting Belts – How To Find One That Fits

Women’s weight lifting belts are not as easy to find as they should be. Finding one that fits well is even harder. Here is a short guide to finding a women’s weight lifting belt that fits.

Not so many years ago, women’s weight lifting belts were incredibly hard to find. Today, things are slightly easier, but not altogether straightforward. Finding a quality weight lifting belt that fits still takes some time. Below, we have included some great tips for choosing a women’s weight lifting belt. At the end, we include a selection of good quality women’s powerlifting belts in our ultimate guide to weight lifting belts.

What Is A Weight Lifting Belt?

A weight lifting belt provides support for the back when lifting heavy weights, but does not do so in the manner which most people think. Instead of being a ‘brace’ for the back, it actually acts as something which the abdomen can press against. When it does this combined with the correct breathing technique, the intra-abdominal pressure increases, which then stabilizes the spine, and reduces the amount of pressure on it. In short – A weight lifting belt can help you lift more weight with less chance of injury. Note – Weight lifting belts are only of any use for exercises such as squats and deadlifts.

Size Is Everything

Excuse the pun here, but size is everything when it comes to a power lifting belt, and women’s weight lifting belts are no exception. The belt needs to be made tight enough that it can maximise performance, whilst also allowing the wearer to breath. Women’s weight lifting belts are generally smaller in length, and have more holes in order to make them tighter.

Choosing The Correct Size

Having a correctly sized belt is essential. In order to determine what size you need, you can follow these easy steps.

  • Run a tape measure around your waist wearing your gym clothes, with it crossing over at the navel whilst breathing normally.
  • There is no need to compress your stomach or expand it. Make a note of the measurement.
  • Start searching for belts which cover your measurements. You can find these by referring to our review of weightlifting belts here –
  • Once you have found one, check the belt width. Most people should go for a 10cm/4 inch belt width.
  • Look to see what materials the belts you have chosen are constructed out of. If at all possible, choose one which is made from leather. Leather is a long-lasting material, and many people find that a good quality weight lifting belt will last them decades. However, please note – Many women find a leather belt uncomfortable, and opt for a nylon one as they put less pressure on the hips.

Make your purchase!

When you have chosen your weight lifting belt, and have it to hand, the next thing to do is find the best position for you. This will take a degree of trial and error, but you will soon find the correct tightness and angle for it to sit at.

Women’s Weight Lifting Belt Guide

To find out more about the best quality women’s weight lifting belts available, take a look at our guide here. It is packed full of useful information, and compares products side by side, so that you can make the best choice when buying a powerlifting belt.