Weight Training

Weight Lifting Exercises That Use A Weight Lifting Belt

Anyone who takes their weight lifting exercises seriously, will know the value of a good weight lifting belt. They are an essential aid in helping you to lift more, and get bigger. They also help to prevent injury to the back. If you are interested in how a weight lifting belt can help you, read on.

Why Are You Working Out?

Why are you using weight lifting exercises to workout? And don’t answer this by saying that you want to keep in shape! The real reason you are weight training, is because you want to get stronger and develop bigger muscles. It really is that simple.

The thing is, quite often people reach a plateau in their training. They seem to be doing the same things repetitively, and the gains stop coming. It’s at this point, that people start to look at ways of maximising their gains in different ways. If you aren’t already using a weight training belt, then this article will explain how it can help you. If you are using one, perhaps you still might pick up a few tips.

What Does A Weight Training Belt Do?

It is surprising how few people know exactly what a weight training belt does. If you were to ask around at your gym, you might get a variety of answers, such as it helps support your back, or that it is useful if you have damaged your back. You might even hear that you shouldn’t use a belt for weight lifting exercises as it weakens your core. Let’s put the matter straight.

A weight training belt helps to stabilize the back, but not in the way that most people think. Instead of bracing it, a belt is designed to give the abdomen something to push against when squatting or deadlifting. When this is done in the correct manner, the intra-abdominal pressure increases, which then stabilizes the spine. Think of a balloon being inflated in your stomach, and reinforcing the back behind it with addition strength.

Does A Weight Training Belt Weaken The Core?

The short answer, is no. The slightly longer answer, is no it doesn’t because the two main weight lifting exercises you should use it for are squatting and deadlifts. These exercises have a minimal effect on core strength development. Besides, just because you are wearing a belt, doesn’t ban you from exercising your core as normal. Just don’t wear the belt when you are doing so!

Finding A Good Weight Lifting Belt

If you are looking for a good lifting belt for weight lifting exercises such as squats and deadlifts, we have put together this useful guide. Inside, you will find all the information you need to buy the belt most suited to your needs. To find out more, please take a look here.