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Strength Training Tips – Is A Leather Weight Lifting Belt Worth The Expense?

If you take your strength training seriously, you will already know the value of good quality weight lifting equipment and gear. A weight lifting belt is no different, and whilst there are many cheap ones out there, it always makes sense to buy a quality leather lifting belt. Here are a few tips and pointers to get you started.

Weight Lifting Belt Styles And Designs

Powerlifting belts are available in a number of different designs, and constructed from a variety of materials. Most experienced lifters into strength training will tell you that a leather belt is best. This is because the material lasts a long time, and they are very functional. Put simply, they do the job well. So, whilst some lifting belts might be available in newer materials such as neoprene, they often do not last as long. Our advice, is to buy leather right from the beginning.


Generally speaking, there are three main types of fastening available. These are a one prong, two prong, and lever style fastening. Whilst they all perform the same function in more or less the same way, our suggestion is to use a single prong buckle design. When you are in the zone strength training, the last thing you want to do is mess around trying to tighten and loosen the belt. A single prong is quicker.

Advantages Of A Leather Weight Lifting Belt in Strength Training

To begin with, they simply look better. They look quality, and have the appearance that they will never let you down. After some years, a leather belt will feel like it has acquired some history after being used in the gym for so long. A non-natural material never provokes quite the same feelings.

It’s not all about the looks of course. A leather weight belt has many practical advantages over other types when it comes to strength training. Powerlifters in particular will tell you that a leather belt offers a great deal more support than one made from ‘modern’ materials. This is because there is no danger of the material giving way at any time, and that it does not fray or absorb sweat. Materials that absorb sweat will tend to degrade over time, despite anything the manufacturer might say! For powerlifting and strength training, a leather weight lifting belt is best.

Disadvantages Of Leather Weight Belts

The only real disadvantage, is that there is not really a ‘beginner level’ price for leather belts. They are generally more expensive than their modern material counterparts, which is why people think twice about buying them. If life has taught us anything though, it is to buy once and wisely, rather than buy cheap and twice.

To help you out, we have included a full guide on the best weight training belts to suit every budget. If you are looking to take your strength training to the next level, and would like to find out more about weight lifting belts, take a look at our guide here.