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Squat Belt Myths Exploded – Why A Weight Training Belt Is Essential

If you have spent enough time at the gym, you will know those people who walk around with a squat belt on, and those that don’t. A weight belt is not a fashion accessory though. It is a vital piece of weight training equipment, providing you know how to use it. There are also a lots of myths attached to weight belts. Let’s explode them right now.

Myths About Weight Lifting Belts

The first myth about using a squat belt, is that it will stop you from getting injured. This is not entirely true though. Trust us, if you train with bad technique and no thought, you will hurt yourself sooner or later! In fact, if you have bad form, a weight training belt will not do you much good at all. However, if you do have good form and technique, you will find big improvements. You spine will be more stabilized due to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, and you will be able to lift more.

The second myth is that you need to wear a squat belt in order to develop bigger muscles. Again, this is not strictly true. You can squat without a weight training belt, and still achieve good results. What a squat belt will do though, is help you get over a plateau you may have reached when training without one. It is basically a way of taking your leg training to the next level.

The third myth, is that wearing a weight training belt will weaken your core. Again this is not true. The exercises you should be using a belt for are squats and deadlifts. These only use the core muscles in a marginal way. There are far better exercises to work out your core, and noone is saying that you should neglect them! Use a belt where it is needed, and take it off when you do not need it.

What To Look For In A Squat Belt

As with other items of gym gear such as weightlifting gloves, and weight lifting shoes, you should choose your squat belt carefully. It should be fit for purpose, and also hard-wearing. For this reason, we would suggest that a leather weight lifting belt is best. We have known people use the same belt for decades! Other things that we would look for in a quality weight lifting belt, would be a simple but reliable fastening system such as a single prong buckle, and a nice width between 4 and 6 inches.

Find Your Ideal Squat Belt Here

We have created a guide to buying a squat belt, where we feature all the best belts side by side. In the guide, we review belts suitable for all needs and budgets, and feature them in a way which makes it easy for you to choose from. To find out more about buying a good quality weight lifting belt, please take a look here.